Garden Shed - Pent roof (side windows)

From £ 409.00

Choose any length you like and widths up to 10ft. The lowest side is normally 6ft internal height and the high side a few inches greater and we can also build taller still.  Windows can go anywhere (openers or fixed) and be of any size.

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The door (standard width 2ft 6”) can go in either end or a side wall as can the optional double doors.  Framing is 2” x 2”, floors are timber boarded on integral bearers and all roofs are fully framed with cross joists which are 3” x 2” on wider roofs. 

  • Tough Glass £30.00 per pane
  •  Extra wide door (max 3ft) £50
  • Security door with Mortice lock £160.00
  • Double Security Doors with Mortice lock £240
  • Double Shed doors £75
  • Stable door £60.00
  • Extra door and |Frame £65
  • Opening windows £50
  • Windows in 2nd panel £70
  • Windows in 3rd panel £100
  • Garage double doors 3ft 6" £265 per pair