Potting Shed

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T&G boarded floor, toughened glass, timber treated, VAT, free delivery with free erection – subject to conditions of order.

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The Potting shed is effectively half greenhouse and half shed, with deep sloping windows along one side and a 16′ (400mm) wide bench below. Under the window and bench the wall is vertical, giving useful storage space beneath the bench which other potting shed design cannot give.

ALLSHEDS potting sheds are built to our own unique design which also give you a minimum internal height of 6′ (1.8m) at the lowest side. These buildings are practical, strong and sturdy.

They are available in sizes up to 10ft x 8′, and can be built with the door positioned at either end to suit your needs. There are optional extras such as a triangular window in either or both ends, an opening window in the blank end or back wall for ventilation and stable door for even more ventilation, whilst keeping out children or pets.


  • Opening Window ?55.00
  • Stable Door ?65.00
  • Triangular Window on one end ?40.00
  • Triangular Window on Both ends ?80.00
  • Opening Window To Front ?110.00